No Marks
No Scratches
No Stress

A Boot Flap offers practical protection for your car’s paintwork.

Protecting vehicles for over 15 years

The Boot Flap Company has been keeping rear bumper paintwork in top condition since 2001.

The perfect accessory for new cars

Dealerships love offering the Boot Flap as a value-adding accessory.

Trusted by big brands around the world

Our growing number of clients in Australia, Europe and North America means there’s a good chance you’ve already seen the Boot Flap in action!


The Boot Flap Company - Home of the Boot Flap - Boot Lip Protector

Your rear end is beautiful. Let’s keep it that way

Golfers - Cyclists - Sports People
Parents with your children
Frequent Flyers
Car Lovers
People with pets
And Just about anyone who has a car or SUV

Things You'll Love About the Boot Lip Protector

Easy To Store

When not in use the Boot Flap sits neatly behind the boot lip

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Textured Underside

Grips the vehicle's paintwork resisting movement when objects are dragged across it.

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Dual Purpose

The protector can also be unfolded into the boot area allowing objects such as briefcases, bags, laptops to be placed on the high grip surface, this helps to stop them moving around when driving.

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Velcro Hook Strip

In-Built velcro strip attaches to your boot carpet

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Logo Brand Exposure

Your Logo! Smartly embossed in each corner, your logo can also be screen-printed onto the main body of the protector.

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highly reflective strip

Subtly built into the bottom edge of the Boot Flap.

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Putting heavy or large items in your car is easier and safer with one of these handy boot lip protectors on standby.

Watch Video

This video shows some main features of our Boot Flap Protector. Explore how it can save your car.